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IT and Network security

As more and more valuable information is made accessible to employees via LAN and WAN, the risks associated with unauthorized access to sensitive data grow larger. Protecting your network with passwords is problematic, as passwords are easily compromised, lost, or inappropriately shared. Whether driven by security, convenience, or cost-reduction, biometrics are proving to be an effective solution for IT/Network Security. Major challenges in deploying biometrics in this environment include accuracy and performance, integrating biometric match decisions with existing systems, interoperability across proprietary technologies, and secure storage and transmission of biometric data.

Applied Biometrics core capabilities in IT/Network Security include the following: 

  • Evaluation and testing of leading biometric solutions for IT/Network Security 
  • Integration of biometric solutions into legacy applications
  • Flexible, vendor-independent system design
  • Adherence to emerging biometric standards
  • Application development
  • Multiple device integration
  • Encryption of biometric data and match decisions 
  • Custom reporting and auditing systems 
  • Specific vendor strengths and weaknesses

With over 150 vendors competing in the biometric marketplace, Applied Biometrics systems integration experience ensures that you'll get the right combination of biometric hardware, software, and middleware for your organization's needs. Applied Biometrics has hands-on experience with technology from every leading biometric vendor, and has implemented solutions in challenging network environments.

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