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Thermal face recognition

There is a difference between the on visible light (visual) and the infrared light based on facial recognition. The visual facial recognition based on the light in the visible light spectrum. The infrared light based on facial recognition, however, provides a so-called thermocouple Gramm face, contactless and without cooperation of the user. This is not a CCD camera, but an infrared camera used. Infrared cameras detect the heat distribution in the picture. In the face of a person, the heat distribution by the pattern of blood vessels and blood veins shown. Different lighting conditions or changes in ambient temperature will not affect the heat distribution in the face. With infrared cameras, it is possible, even in absolute darkness persons without the thermal imaging (thermo grams) compared with the daylight changes. In contrast to Face in the visible spectrum effect of different facial expression or head various strands barely on the infrared image. Each person has a different vascular structure, which is also in the course of life not changed. Natural aging or physical changes, such as the formation of scars, have no influence on the vascular structure. Cosmetic surgery also influence the detection is not as long as the blood vessel structure remains intact or could be restored. Even twins can face with a thermo-grams are kept apart because they have different blood samples. The infrared light based on facial recognition is rare in the literature represented this may be at the very high cost of infrared cameras are located. With the thermal facial recognition can also stockings masked bank robber identified. For thermogrammbasierenden systems can be difficult in environments with w�¤rmeabgebenden surfaces such as heaters occur. In the Face on the basis of infrared detection may be due to variations in temperature distribution of drugs or alcohol consumption to a certain degree of probability can be detected. Authentication using facial thermogram is not intrusive and is as pleasant. It is alleged that the thermo-face authentication using authentication of gram using the visible light spectrum is superior, but could not prove that the facial thermogram sufficiently different or has enough freedom.

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