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ThumbMAX HDD EC258 - 2.5” HDD enclosure with fingerprint authentication

The need of security is more and more stringent and this can be easily seen from the numerous attacks that caused companies and users to lose vital data. And considering that biometry is becoming increasingly popular, PWI thought it would be a good idea to implement it in a new external hard drive.

The ThumbMax HDD EC258 is an external USB Hard disk 2.5' enclosure which allows you to backup and transport your data as well as securing the access via the fingerprint recognition. The ThumbMax HDD model is available more then 40 GB, is rigid with Aluminum metal with surface anodizing treatment.  ThumbMax EC258 is designed for mobility. ThumbMax HDD model is operated from USB bus power.  The software which can be used under Windows OS is embedded and prompt for the user's fingerprint to allow the access to the files.  The ThumbMax HDD EC258 is supplied with USB cable, USB bus power, and CD-Rom with the software.

Data Encryption
Data encryption prevents accidental or corrupt information leakage.  When the user wants to encrypt individual files or folders on the hard drive, the user only need to double-click encrypted file or folder, a dialog box will be automatically pop-up and requires fingerprints.  It does the same with decryption of file or folder.  The user only need to simply swipe authenticated fingerprints, then the file or folder will be encrypted or decrypted automatically.  It's a snap!  Without either the authenticated fingerprints or master password, the file or folder can not be access.  The protection is not only encrypted files, but also protects files from deletion, renaming, duplication, and moving.

Password Replacement
Computer passwords provide a measure of security only as long as they aren't lost, stolen, forgotten, or hacked. Restricting a PC to one or more authorized users strengthens security, and by using ThumbMax-HDD, the users only need to do the enrollment at beginning.  After fingerprints are authenticated, users can store dozens of passwords and logins for a specific applications or Web sites directly and easily.  The users only need to swipe of the finger or login with a click of the mouse via ThumbMax EC258 fingerprint software.  ThumbMax-HDD will automatically enter user names and passwords for the authenticated users.  The user's fingerprints are now replacing all of the passwords the user currently uses.

Mobile Favorites
Mobile Favorites is an application launched from Hard Disk. According to your necessity, you may carry URLs used constantly. By that, you do not need to search the URLs on the Internet. It is simple and easy to use.
Introduction  Using computers has become an important part of our lives nowadays. However, there are still people who do not have the habit to backup data. As a result, they lose all their important data  while the computer is broken down. With FDBackup, it will never be a problem to you. You can  backup all your important data to the external storage device easily and efficiently.

Use the save feature of FingerprintDisk, the activity of sending/receiving mails all takes place in the disk. There is no need to use other email software, however you have to pass the fingerprint verification to start the email software.


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