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TOCAhome 3

Personal access problems are solved with TOCA! Keys, passwords, PINs, etc. can no longer be forgotten or lost. Apartments, houses, highly secure areas, safes, weapons cabinets, etc. can be individually equipped with TOCAhome.

TOCAhome, TOCAhome 3 and TOCAhome pc always consist of an external unit (EU) as well as an internal unit (IU). While the scanner is located on the former device, the latter is used to record and delete finger prints.  Also, there are potential-free relays, to ralize different applications. TOCAhome pc also contains a PC interface.

The authorized user places his/her finger on the scanner. The key code is checked and the door is opened by means of an impulse if the key code has been registered in the system.

Possible applications

  • home door and/or garage locks in one-family or multiple-family houses
  • companies up to 99 employees
  • garages or public parking garages up to 99 persons


  • convenience through easy scanning of a finger
  • replacement of codes, keys, Smart cards, touch less tokens, etc. by biometric technology
  • increased security (loss, theft and spying is no longer possible or extremely difficult)

Added value

  • Keys no longer need to be reproduced.
  • Children need no key (where loss would be a threat to personal safety).
  • New users need no key.
  • Guests need no key.


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