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ARX1 is an innovative product which enables a safe and comfortable way of entering your apartment, house or office by means of your fingerprint.

It uses a state of the art fingerprint recognition technology and can be used by anyone: even children, the elderly and people with damaged fingerprints. Competitive products can't be used by 5 to 25 users. ARX1 has got a low 'failure to enrol' rate.
It is user friendly solution. ARX1 operates as a stand-alone unit. No connection to a PC, no additional passwords or keycards are needed to enrol or delete fingerprints. Even a non-technical person is able to master its functions in no time.

The design of ARX1 is a result of co-operation with a producer of high-quality switches. Its small size helps ARX1 blend with its surroundings so that it doesn't attract unnecessary atention while having an aesthetic function.

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