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IZZIX Optical Fingerprint Modules

IZZIXFINGERENGINE(Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm) follows the commonly accepted fingerprint identification
scheme, which uses a set of specific fingerprint feature points(minutiae). However, it contains many powerful
algorithmic solutions, which enhance the system performance and reliability. Some of them are listed below:
ââ??  Image Quality Check Algorithm
ââ??  Efficient Image Enhancement Algorithm
ââ??  Fully Tolerant to Fingerprint Distortion and Rotation Matching Algorithm
ââ??  Fingerprint Enroll Mode with Feature Collection
ââ??  Database Classification and Pre-Sorting by Global Feature Vector
ââ??  Suitable Algorithm to 1:1 and 1:N Mode
IZZIX SDK has given great consideration to security and user privacy issues. Fingerprint templates are always
returned in encrypted form from the recognition engine and user entries are stored encrypted in the database.
Furthermore, user entries are stored cannot be matched against themselves. They are only decrypted by
internal decryption scheme in Recognition Engine.  

L2000 Fingerprint Lock

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