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Internet and e-Commerce

Biometrics are being positioned as a solution for e-Commerce and Internet security, designed to ensure that only authorized individuals can access sensitive data or execute transactions. From the perspective of commercial or government institutions, however, building effective e-Commerce and Internet solutions is more complicated than replacing a password dialog with a biometric interface.  

Whether authenticating customers, employees, or citizens, institutions must consider the following factors:

  • Providing compatibility across the range of incompatible fingerprint technologies deployed at the desktop level
  • Accommodating individuals who cannot enroll or verify successfully, requiring fallback procedures
  • Integrating biometric match decisions into payment and clearance systems
  • Defining accuracy requirements for biometric systems
  • Location of biometric data storage and processing for maximum availability
  • Integrating biometric acquisition processes into existing interfaces
  • Administrative and auditing functionality to manage biometric accounts and transactions
  • Secure transmission of biometric information
  • Compatibility with Windows and Unix webservers
  • Processes for verifying initial identity claims
  • Incorporating iris-scan, voice recognition, and other biometric technologies for account access

Applied Biometrics has designed highly robust and flexible custom solutions for e-Commerce and Internet authentication, combining vendor-independence with a real-world understanding of security and performance requirements. Working with Applied Biometrics limits the risks of technology obsolescence, and ensures the long-term viability of your e-Commerce and Internet solutions.  

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