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Identification Systems

Biometrics are increasingly integrated into large-scale systems for drivers' licensing, surveillance, health and identity cards, and benefits issuance. The need for singular identification and transactional verification has emerged in various public and private sector environments.


Applied Biometrics core capabilities in Identification Systems include the following:

  • Smart Card integration 
  • Interfaces between 1:1 and 1:N systems
  • Capabilities of leading AFIS, facial recognition, and iris-scan scan solutions positioned for identification systems
  • Vendor-neutral system design
  • Multiple device integration
  • Ensuring accurate enrollment processes
  • Integration of biometric systems and decisions into legacy systems
  • Privacy-sympathetic system design
  • Image processing and optimization
  • Encryption of biometric data and match decisions

Identification systems are among the most complex biometric systems, with detailed requirements for acquisition devices, matching algorithms, fallback procedures, and privacy-sympathetic design. Applied Biometrics helps its clients design and deploy effective biometric solutions for a full range of identification systems. 

L2000 Fingerprint Lock

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