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Access Control

Biometrics have proven to be an effective solution for high-security access control, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access protected or secure areas. However, there is more to deploying biometrics than replacing or complementing existing proximity or swipe systems. Biometric systems require controlled and accurate enrollment processes, careful monitoring of security settings to ensure that the risk of unauthorized entry is low, and well-designed interfaces to ensure rapid acquisition and matching. Poor system design and implementation can slow down the authentication process and expose new vulnerabilities.

Complex access control installations require independent expertise to ensure that security levels, ingress and egress processes, and system administration capabilities meet deployer expectations. Based on its hands-experience with hand geometry, fingerprint, and iris-scan technologies - the primary technologies used in access control - Applied Biometrics GmbH implements large-scale access control solutions for employee applications and incorporates biometric capabilities within systems integrators' existing product or service offerings.

Contact Applied Biometrics GmbH to learn how our vendor-independent, technology-neutral experience in designing and deploying Access Control systems can increase security and accountability in the workplace.

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